Improve Your Trucking Business With Social Media

September 21st, 2014



Many industries are using social media to boost sales or communicate with customers and employees.  Yet, when you think of trucking businesses, you don’t necessarily think of social media usage, also.  Although some women have become joined the trucking industry as road warriors, it is still considered a man’s business.  Although there are many husband and wife teams working in the industry, women owners of  trucking  business’ are still in the minority.  However, everyone can benefit from using social media to interact on a daily basis.


Social Media Boosts Trucking Businesses


As it is vital for other industries such as retail and food to stay in the loop by having a presence on social media, so is it essential for trucking businesses.  If you are an owner of a trucking business, in order for you to stay relevant with the 21st Century, you have to learn how to use social media, in order to keep current with your employees, customers, and distributors.  If you are not up-to-speed on how to use social media, you should do as some companies are and advertise for a specialist who knows the integral workings of Facebook, Instagram, You Tube, Twitter, Pinterest, and blogging.


No longer can you expect to just recruit and retain your workers by relying on print literature or word-of-mouth.  Those are the methods of yesteryear.  Today’s Truckers are using their mobile phones or laptops, in the cab where they rest, to find out necessary information about the trucking industry.


Thousands of Twitter and Facebook users self-identify as Truckers.  Companies use the social networks as a tool to keep their workers abreast of new developments in their industry, but also to communicate with companies that use trucks to carry their goods.


Social Media Helps Truckers Communicate With Owners


Another benefit of social media is Truckers can use it as a tool to communicate back and forth with the owners of the trucks they drive across the country.  They also can establish forums to discuss various problems they come across in certain states or with how certain trucks run.  If they see a recurring problem with the engine or some other truck parts, they can get on the forum and discuss it.  You as the owner can read these posts and find a way to get the problem addressed.


Social Media Platforms like Facebook and Instagram that encourage posting photographs encourage Truckers to share beautiful landscapes they see while driving the countryside.  Social media can build camaraderie between fellow Truckers, but also with owners to improve the relationships between the parties.

It also can have a more humanizing effect on the industry as a whole.  Who says Trucking has to be considered a boring or humdrum industry.  Thanks to social media, your Trucking business can be a whole new experience.

You can also try boosting your company’s visibility by doing local promotions to hand out to other businsses.  Check out

Ever Thought About Trying This Job?

September 16th, 2014

Foul-smelling, unsightly, disturbing, dangerous, and just downright disgusting. Not exactly the kinds of adjectives one would apply to a desirable career. And yet that’s just the way certain individuals describe the job that has them punching a clock day in and day out. Coincidentally, they are also responsible for putting right what is wrong in many of Milwaukee’s homes, streets and surrounding areas. These are the words that at least partially describe the job of the Milwaukee clean up crews involved in crime scene cleanup, and the additional cleanup of homes of former hoarders, accident scenes and other biohazard cleanup situations.

All in a Day’s Work

Thanks to television shows like CSI, Law and Order, Criminal Minds and possibly most notably Dexter, the public has been introduced to crime scenes and their aftermath in an up close and personal manner. Certainly however, not as up close and personal as when it happens in your city, on your street or – god forbid – in your very home. Sadly, the perpetrators of these crimes seldom take into account whose homes, streets, and cities they invade. They are society’s pariah and when they invade your privacy and your home the worst is to be expected. It is after this worst-case scenario that Milwaukee’s crime scene cleanup crews come in to tidy up would make most of us not just disgusted but literally sick. And speaking of sick…

Biohazard Threats and Personal Protective Gear

One of the things that makes crime scene cleanup not only disgusting but dangerous is the threat of biohazard contamination. Blood carries more than DNA – it carries with it disease. Just because the victim of a crime is deceased does not mean that what is left behind is in any way, shape, or form harmless, inactive or benign. Quite the contrary in fact, blood left behind at a crime scene can carry infectious conditions such as hepatitis C and other blood-borne diseases. Yet subjecting themselves to this type of atmosphere is what crime scene cleanup crews do day in and day out. For this reason and many others, it is imperative that these individuals be trained professionals that take every precaution necessary to protect not only the public but themselves at the same time.

This is a specialized career that calls for strong stomachs, attention to detail and a dedication to society. While hardening themselves enough to be able to withstand the scene at hand these extraordinary individuals manage to comfort families and treat them and their homes with the respect and empathy needed and deserved.

Upgrading Your Commercial Garage Roofing

September 9th, 2014

One of the most expensive projects that a commercial garage can be hit with is roof replacement.  Luckily, things rarely get to that point as long as you are maintaining the roof as well as you should.  However, from time to time, you will have a surplus of money, if you are doing things right, and you may want to consider upgrading your garage roofing.  It will be expensive but it is possible that the benefits will outweigh the negatives and depending on the upgrade you are going with, it may even save you more money than you spent to have it done.


Why Upgrade?


There are plenty of reasons that a commercial garage would want to upgrade their roofing.  The simplest and most common is that the current roof is beyond repair or too old to be very effective.  If you have ineffective roofing, it can lead to electricity being lost as the air conditioning has to work hard to keep things cool thanks to the escaping air.  Perhaps you want to simply spruce things up a bit to attract new customers, which is another great reason.  Many people are making the switch to solar panels which can save electricity and is great for the environment.  These are just a few reasons to upgrade but there are plenty more.  It is just important to have your upgrade done right the first time to save money.


Where To Go


No matter where you are, there are plenty of roofing and hardware locations that can help you out with the project, should you choose to do it yourself.  For instance, Albany County Fasteners is a good place to start to get the online materials that you will need.  If, however, you decide that the project is one that is just too big for you to handle on your own, there will be plenty of contractors and independent builders that have the experience and knowledge to complete the job with absolutely no hassle.


There are plenty of reasons to upgrade your garage roofing and almost as many different roofing options.  The upgrade that you decide to go with will have to be worth whatever you put into it.  If you are able to attract new customers with your new roofing, it is worth it; if your employees are working harder because the climate inside the garage is now more bearable, it is worth it; if you decide to go with solar panels so that you can save some money and a bit of the environment, it is worth it.  You only want to spend money that you know will come back to you and upgrading your garage roofing may be the perfect investment. And since your at it, replace all your lighting with LED bulbs to save on energy costs.

Technology Drives Trucking Business Improvements

July 12th, 2014

Being a truck driver can be a very long and tiring profession especially if you are driving a truck that is older and doesn’t have all of the newest improvements that can make driving truck a decent profession. If you are an independent truck driver and you are not familiar with all of the newest technology when it comes to automobiles, then you need to take some time to get familiar with technology and upgrades because you might find something that would be perfect for your truck.

Making Truck Driving Easier

Driving a truck can mean many long hours and countless miles on the road. Therefore finding something that can make your drive a little bit easier might be just what you need to keep you going in a forward momentum. Simple things such as an advanced GPS can mean the world to a truck driver and make things so much easier when it comes to navigation. Or you can have a safety upgrade installed on your truck that let you know when you have a tire that needs air. These are all things that are beneficial for a truck driver and can upgrade your truck to a safer level of travel.

Truck Driving Companies

Many truck driving companies cannot afford all of the brand-new trucks because the cost of fuel is so high. Therefore trucking companies are forced to drive older trucks. That does not mean that truck drivers and the companies cannot make simple upgrades that will help improve their situation on the road. The very first thing a trucking company should do is get familiar with all of the research that has been done in the last few years to make automobiles on the roads safer. Most trucking companies will be very pleasantly surprised to see that many of the new technological advances can be used for their trucks. It will also save them some money because they will not have to incur a new truck payment. If you are the owner of a trucking company and you are thinking about purchasing some new upgrades for your trucks you need to be sure that your trucks can accommodate all of the new equipment. It is a really good idea that you go into a certified and licensed store to make sure that all of your equipment is going to fit into the trucks.

Driving a truck and owning a trucking company can always be very stressful especially if you do not have the newest equipment. Make sure you have the appropriate Work Zone Safety equipment as well. Take the time to find out about the new technology because it will make your life much easier.

Breaking Up The Monotony With An Adventure

June 22nd, 2014

The day-to-day activities of life can be exhausting and boring.  It’s easy to get depressed about this monotony.  For this reason, you might need to change it up.  Consider an adventure that is exciting and unique.  Here are some ideas.


Zip Line Tours


One of the best ideas for an adventurous activity is a zip line tour.  There are many areas that offer these tours, including the Colorado zip line.  Here you can get an adrenaline rush and see some amazing sites at the same time.  It is the perfect activity for any adventure seeker.  You can go on a zip line tour by yourself or with your friends or family.  In addition, many tours allow you to rent gear.  So it doesn’t have to be costly to participate in this fun excursion.


Road Trip


Next, consider a road trip.  There is no better way to spice up your life than with a road trip.  You can travel to a new location that you have never been before.  Or you can simply get in your car and stop at the next place that sounds interesting, such as a Alaska salmon fishing lodge.  Driving can be therapeutic as well.  You can listen to some great music, bond with your friends, and get out of town for a little while.  Head to the next town over if you are limited on time.  A little road trip is better than nothing.


Amusement Park


Finally, consider a day at the amusement park.  You can participate in all of the attractions.  Many amusement parks have great roller coasters.  These rides are a fun stress reliever and adrenaline rush.  They will allow you to have fun and take a break at the same time.  In addition, amusement parks are a great option for kids, families, couples, and friends.  Just about anyone can have fun taking a time out at the nearest amusement park.


Start planning your next adventure today.  Fun is right around the corner.  It will help you get through the lulls in life and have something to look forward to.  After all, everyone needs a little bit of adventure from time to time.

Mobile Broadband Options, Staying Connected when you are On-the-Go

June 18th, 2014

In today’s technology driven world just about every person who owns a mobile phone or a laptop is familiar with the term “mobile broadband”.

The advantage of having a mobile broadband internet connection is that this type of connection is very easy for anyone to install, doesn’t require a phone line and the user can access the internet anywhere they are.

Mobile Broadband Air Cards

Air cards have gotten easier to use in this day and age and just require a simple install of software onto your PC or laptop then you plug in a USB modem to connect to the Internet. Just about every major cell phone carrier offers mobile broadband coverage. Also, use this site to unlock your phone.

Some of the most popular carriers are Sprint and Verizon. Both of these carriers offer fast speeds of up to 4G. This means that you will have the ability to watch YouTube videos, video chat or talk on Skype anytime you want without having to worry about having a slow or “choppy” connection.

With the rapid development of 4G mobile broadband networks many providers are giving away broadband modems for free, the only catch is that you have to use that providers service but you will be saving $50.00 to $100.00 dollars.

Dis-Advantages and Advantages

A typical mobile broadband network will only work where the user is able to get a cell phone signal so if you’re traveling through a remote location like a ghost town you should be prepared to be offline until you get to a more developed area.

As technology advances though, more carriers are expanding their 4G, high speed, mobile broadband networks so people will be able to use their 4G networks almost anywhere they are on the earth.

One of the biggest advantages of mobile broadband is price; a typical connection will often cost less than DSL or Cable internet connection. Many casual internet users who only go online for checking email are choosing mobile broadband connections because of their speed, price and reliability.

Are you going abroad soon? Wondering how to make international calls when the era of pay phones and calling card are fast disappearing. Many online companies now offer prepaid international cell phones.

Electronic Cigarettes for the Modern Trucker

June 17th, 2014

Ever dropped hot cash in your lap from your cigarette while driving? Ever dropped a hot cigarette ash in your lap while driving an 18 wheeled semi truck and trailer with a load on the back on slippery roads? Trust me… Neither you nor anyone else wants you to.

Today’s Truckers Need Something to Do

Driving for hours and hours on end, the same old scenery passing by, monotonous miles stretch on forever. Listening to music is great but it only goes so far. The boredom behind the wheel of a semi can be dangerous because it can lead to drivers falling asleep. What do you do with your hands while you’re driving a semi (besides hold the wheel)?

Introducing the E-Cigarette

No more hot ashes dropping in your lap and causing an accident; no more fumbling with lighters or cigarettes while trying to steer the big rig, and even better… No more being trapped inside the cab of your semi with noxious fumes floating around for you to inhale over and over again—in addition to inhaling drags from your cigarette. E cigarettes , such as safecigs produce water vapor, which is much better for you and those around you. Or find the vaporizer for you by reading a Arizer Solo review.
And those truck stops aren’t allowing smoking anymore either, so you’ll be able to lighten up while you finish your coffee and pie, while the other guys have to step outside in the bitter cold.

Know Who To Call When You Run Into Trouble On The Road

June 17th, 2014

Define ‘trouble on the road’. If by that you mean a flat tire, a car that stalls and won’t start or some other mechanical malfunction; AAA would be a great option. If however you mean real trouble—as in an automobile accident—who should be the first person you call? Hmm… 911 comes to mind.

I Hope You Have Insurance

I’m pretty sure that the first person you’re going to want to call, after 911, is going to be your mom or your significant other. Try to push that toward the back of your head for a minute and get on the phone to your insurance company and your lawyer. If you don’t have insurance, you’ll have to skip that call and go directly to your lawyer. Then be sure to call a shrink and get your head examined for driving around without automobile insurance. Even if you do have auto insurance it’s a good idea to start shopping around for an automobile accident lawyer. Insurance companies don’t have to provide you with a lawyer if you don’t have liability. If you do have liability and you don’t like the lawyer that they supply you with you might want to find one of your own. Shop around. Find the right car insurance for teenagers. You probably didn’t go with the first auto insurance company that came around; don’t settle for some lawyer that you flipped a coin over from the yellow pages.

Choose Your Lawyer Wisely

When you run into trouble on the road you want to be sure that the Fort Worth car accident lawyer you call is reputable, experienced, knowledgeable and has preferably one more cases than they have lost. Some automobile accident lawyers will work on consignment. You’ve heard them on TV “if we don’t win for you, we don’t get paid”. Some of these injury lawyers are nothing but ambulance chasers but many are trustworthy individuals and/or companies.

It’s easy to check businesses and people out on the Internet these days, so do so.

Cheap Cell Solutions for Truckers

June 12th, 2014

Life can be rough if you’re a trucker. With long days on the road, alone and away from home the only way a trucker can stay connected with the outside world is via their cell phone but the average cell phone provider takes advantage of this and many truckers find themselves with huge cell phone bills at the end of the month.

Pre-Paid Cell Phones

Also known as “burn phones” pre-paid cell phones are a great way for any trucker to save money off their monthly cell phone costs because; a pre-paid phone doesn’t require a contract so the trucker will only pay for the minutes that they use.

SIM Only Cell Phone Plans

With a SIM only cell phone plan a trucker can keep their existing cell phone as long as it uses a SIM card this will save any trucker an immediate $150 dollars or more in cell phone costs. Unlocking your phone by using to access more features on your phone. SIM only plans are also affordable because, they typically don’t require a long term contract and they have more affordable data usage rates as well too.

To find awesome SIM only deals every trucker should look online or contact a carrier in their area for the best SIM only plans.

Heartburn Relief With Prescription Medication

April 23rd, 2013

If you are one of the millions who suffer from chronic heartburn, meals can be a scary time.  Some may laugh at your decision not to take the red sauce with your pasta, but you know the truth.  You know the pain and burning that comes along with your decision to eat something that you will regret later.  However, there is some hope for you!  These days there are plenty of prescription medications available to treat your heartburn and get you back to enjoying your meal times.

Heartburn Sucks

Everyone has different triggers for their heartburn.  For some people, it can be as simple as a glass of water or a piece of watermelon.  For others, it takes a bowl of chili.  Whatever your trigger, the symptoms you experience are likely the same.  Heartburn symptoms include a burning feeling in the chest just behind the breastbone, chest pain, difficulty swallowing, and a burning in the throat.  For some that experience chronic heartburn, they may also experience a chronic cough, sore throat or chronic hoarseness. This makes it hard to swallow and even your favorite recliner can’t provide the relaxation you need to get this pain to stop.

Take A Pill!

No matter what your trigger, heartburn is not fun.  It is uncomfortable and painful, and you want it gone as soon as possible.  With so many medications available to you, why deal with it?  There are prescriptions you take before you eat, others that you take after, others that you simply take on a daily basis to eat what you want when you want to.  These can be a little pricey, but by ordering your prescriptions from Canada, you can save quite a bit and still eat the things you love.  If you do a quick Wiki search on heartburn, you may be able to find some short term solutions but prescription medications are great for the long haul.

I am sure that you remember the days when you could just eat whatever you want without considering the consequences.  Even more surely, you miss those days.  With a swallow of a pill, though, you don’t have to suffer anymore!  You can go back to the days when hot wings were heaven instead of hell and a burger didn’t bring you to tears.  You have been missing out on too much for too long.  Isn’t it time to relive those glory days?