Trucking Horses To The Kentucky Derby In Style

April 8th, 2013

It’s a pretty safe bet, that most of the Kentucky Derby 2013 contenders will be riding to the race, and just about everywhere else, in style.  That’s probably not the kind of Kentucky Derby 2013 info that most people are looking for however, when it comes to figuring out how to go about their Kentucky Derby betting.


Premium Horse Trailers


So, who makes the best horse trailers?  This is largely a matter of opinion, but after doing a little bit of research some names stood out:

  • For the safety and comfort of the horse at least one source mentioned horseboxes by Ifor Williams.
  • For resale and trade-in value these two were mentioned – Exiss and Travalong.
  • A good horse trailer, but not necessarily great for resale and trade-in is Sundowner, which is considered mid-quality.
  • Hart, Bloomer, 4-star and Elite are extremely reputable.
  • Platinum and Cimarron are nice.
  • Featherlight was mentioned as a nice second hand horse trailer.


Important Considerations When Buying A Trailer For Your Horse(es)


Here are just a few things you want to consider when looking at horse trailers:

  •  First of all you want to decide if you’re going to purchase new or used.  Much the same as with buying anything, if you’re going with used you want to make sure that everything is in proper working order.  This is not the time to get cheap.  The safety and comfort of your horse is of the utmost importance and this is the main consideration when shopping for a horse trailer.
  •  Figure out if you’re going to need the trailer to come with living quarters, for you and or people traveling with you; some of these trailers include a microwave, sink, stove, refrigerator, shower, wardrobe, bed and are all at the same time convenient, restful, economic and safe.
  •  Another decision to make is whether or not you want your trailer to be a straight load or a slant load.  The capacity of your vehicle, how many horses you’ll be transporting and the size of your horses will help determine this.
  •  Are you going to be using a gooseneck hitch or bumper pull?  The hitch could depend largely on what type of vehicle is going to be used to pull this horse trailer of yours.
  • And finally, you’re going to need to figure out how many horses you intend to transport.  Are you going to be shipping 4 horses, 3 horses, 2 horses just one single horse?


Don’t forget to check online, when looking into buying your horse trailer to transport your Kentucky Derby 2013 racehorse.  There are shopping sites all over the Internet for used and new.

Big Sales Means Staying On Top Of Your Software

April 7th, 2013

Do you remember when you were a small child and would dream of a future full of crazy electronic gadgets and flying cars?  Well, we haven’t quite made it to flying cars yet, but there is no denying we live in the future.  Every aspect of our lives involves computers on one level or another, the intention being that computers can help us with our daily lives.  If you are a car sales person who has been looking for a way to make those big sales, you really should begin paying attention to the software out there that is available for your use.


A Consumer’s World


In the digital age that we live in, consumers have the advantage over any sales person.  If you are a consumer, you have plenty of auto information at your fingertips and when you are searching for that new car, you can fact check every statement your sales person makes right from your phone.  As a sales person, it is therefore much more important that you be at the top of your game in every respect, so that you do not come across as uninformed or worse, dishonest.  Since some mistakes are simply lack of knowledge or outdated knowledge, it is important that you make sure the software you are using to get this information is always up to date.


Staying In The Game


If you want to last in the truck dealership game, you have to be a great sales person.  This means always knowing exactly what you are talking about.  Since consumers are so informed, it is important that you be even more informed than they are.  In order to ensure this happens, you must always be paying attention to the latest dealership software hitting the market.  Some of this software will have very little more to offer than what you are currently using.  However, once in a great while, a game changing software hits the market and you want to be sure that you are among the first in your area to grab it.


If you are informed and confident when speaking with your potential customers, you will put them at east and let them know that you know what you are talking about.  No one wants to buy a product that they know more about than the sales person.  Know what you are talking about and watch those sales pile up.

The Best Insurance For Any Type Of Weather Conditions

March 31st, 2013

Sometimes, weather will play a big part when it comes to driving.  Harsh cold can create icy, dangerous driving conditions while driving in the desert can do a number on tires, paint job and even the engine.  While most drivers are fairly confident in driving in conditions that they are used to, when travelling to a place that has a different climate the weather conditions can really effect how you drive and can lead to accidents.  If you are a driver, it is important to be confident that you are covered in any climate.


Unique Situations


Anyone who has driven for a long period of time has experienced some sort of unexpected situation when driving.  Many times, these situations are unavoidable and can throw you off your game.  Obviously, when you are driving you need to be as focused as possible, making distracting situations like this very dangerous.  If you are driving in a climate that you are unfamiliar with, the risk jumps up quite a bit.  If you are used to driving in the desert, for instance, a sudden rainstorm can throw you curves that you are not used to.  Stopping and going on a wet road is completely different than doing the same in a dry climate and this may not be something you are prepared for.  If you are used to driving in the snow, as another example, you may have a different method of braking than someone who lives in a dry climate.  Different climates provide their own unique risks and it is important to be prepared for anything.


Getting Coverage


If you have the minimum auto insurance coverage required by law, you likely aren’t very protected from the risks that various weather conditions can bring.  If you have lived in the same small town for your entire life and have no intention of ever leaving, perhaps liability will be enough for you.  However, if you have a bit more of an adventurous side to you, you will likely travel during your life.  Therefore, it really is important that you consider full coverage for your auto insurance.  Full coverage will ensure that you are covered no matter which conditions you are driving in and there are many insurance competitors out there, making the premiums very competitive.


The weather can be just as unpredictable as the people who report it, making it absolutely essential that you protect yourself and your vehicle as fully as possible.  While it may not cover every single conceivable circumstance, full coverage will allow you to drive confidently, knowing that you are covered in most of those unique weather conditions.  You have a busy life!  Worrying about one less thing is always good.

Getting Bills Paid While On The Road

February 27th, 2013

You have the car gassed up and ready.  Everything is packed in the trunk.  All the essentials are up front, with you for the drive.  Sunflower seeds, skittles, pop.  You’ve checked over and double checked, what you need to take on your trip.  In the car you go and you head out.  You hit around your first hundred miles and something begins to nag you.  Something you forgot.  Did you leave something on back home?  A kitchen appliance perhaps?  A couple hundred more miles roll by.  You want to relax but that nagging feeling of something forgotten keeps pushing its way to the front of your brain.  You’re growing tense and restless.  More miles roll by.  You cruising through a town.  Not your first town of the trip.  But as you pass a neon sign saying Cash Loans Bad Credit” it suddenly hits you.  You forgot to drop your bills in the mail.  The loan payment for your motorcycle, that you have worked so hard to pay on time.  Your utility bills, house payment everything is sitting on the table, back at your house.  500 miles away.  So now what do you do?  What can you do?  You won’t be back home for another week.


Bills Don’t Take a Vacation


If you forget to pay your bills, before embarking on the road, when you return you will face additional late fees and sometimes increase interest rates.  For those trying to re-establish credit or just to keep their credit rating looking good, late payments can affect this.  No matter how long you plan on being away on your vacation, it is important to know the due dates of your bills, as well as the amount due on the monthly payment.


How to Pay Bills On the Road


Online bill pay has been the savior of many.  Whether you are off on vacation or at home and suddenly remember at 3 in the morning a bill is due, paying over the internet has made it fast and easy.  It is important to know when your bills are due.  Some companies will send you reminders by email or text.  Setting up automatic bill pay relieves some of the burden of trying to remember due dates.  Just be certain money will be in the bank, when the automatic withdrawal comes through.  With all the pre-planning you do for your trip, pre-plan to prepay your bills.


Whether by mail, internet or in person, don’t wait to the last minute to pay your bills so that you can kick back relax and focus on having a good time.

Helping Your Children Achieve Their Dreams

January 5th, 2013

Everyone is aware that education is a very important part in any  life. If you are a parent and you are hoping to help all of your children achieve all of their goals and dreams, then you have a full and gratifying challenge ahead of you.  Getting a good education and making sure your child or children receive the best education possible can be daunting, if you do not know where to look for educational guidance.


Getting Help


The first thing you need to do, when you are guiding your child’s education is to research you best opportunities.  You can save time, of course, by going online to see what services are available, to you and your child. You want to find websites that can give you information, on how to help your children get the best education possible.  And, don’t overlook the benefits of tutoring, if that is something that your child might need, in order to achieve even better success. is a wonderful website that is full of resources that can give you a great deal of information and it can also help guide you in the right direction.


Financially Affording the Best Education Possible


Education cost money, that is a fact! Unfortunately, we live in a world where everything has a price and let’s face it, you get what you pay for, whether it’s food, clothing, appliances and especially education.  And, like all of the pieces that make up our lives, shopping around can give you the best options, for you hard earned dollars.  By making the extra effort to find the finest education available, that is affordable to your budget, will only enhance your children’s chances of realizing the career of their dreams.

Do Truckers Neglect Their Health?

December 23rd, 2012

Driving a truck for a living is a tough job. No one that has ever taken a cross-country trip in a car would deny that the prospect of doing that day in and day out for a living would be difficult way to make a living. Couple that with all the stress involved in meeting deadlines, irregular sleep patterns and battling difficult road conditions such as bad weather and you have a recipe for some pretty serious health concerns.

Weight Gain

A sedentary lifestyle is not beneficial for many reasons, the first thing that may come to mind in weight gain. Truckers have to spend many hours sitting as a part of their job. This causes other issues along with the possibility of gaining weight. For example DVT or Deep venous thrombosis is a blood clot which can form mainly in the thighs and lower legs; it can cause an embolism which is many times deadly. Sometime after treatment DVT disappears with no side-effects.

Results of a Sedentary Lifestyle

The issue of loss of blood flow can affect other areas as well. Impotence may be the result of lack of blood to the penile organ. Some of the best male enhancement information suggests that there are natural ways to increase blood flow to this area. However other health issues that truck drivers face such as high blood pressure and even sleep apnea are also reasons for impotence. If you are experiencing a problem with impotence those factors should be checked out first.

Finally, long periods of sitting can be the cause of lower back issues. Many truck drivers neglect to take time to stretch and move about for some period of their long day. This may be due to the pressures of having to meet deadlines. But still for overall health it is necessary to take care of your body so that you can remain active and able to work over the long haul.


Garcinia Cambogia

How to be Healthy



Getting Your Education on the Go!

November 14th, 2012

Using programs like Compass Learning makes it easy to get your education on the go. This is a great program to have for keeping children on track between transition periods or moves. Sometimes it can be distracting when changing school or moving to a new location. Using an online program is one of the best ways to keep a student on track and avoid the pitfalls that can be daunting as money end up falling behind their peers.


Education Everywhere

Online programs are also an effective way to get ahead for the ambitious student or parent that wants to make the most of free time or an impromptu emergency or vacation. Education is really the most important tool we have; technology is making it easier to have access to elementary, high school or college educational materials from nearly any location you can think of. Getting a laptop or tablet and internet or Wi-Fi access is all you really need to get an education on the go.


Invest in the Future

This is something everyone should invest in at some point or another, pursuing education should be a life time endeavor. Almost every major academic institution provides some type of online platform so students can get their education on the go. The illustrious MIT also offers many free course materials and documents from their classes to the public over the internet. Finding different ways or avenues to explore and pursue education will surely enrich everyone’s life for the better in the long-term.


There are many online course available and online certifications available in order to expand your horizon or learn a new set of skills. Becoming involved and interested in education is one of the best habits someone can form for living a happy and fulfilled life, it’s something many of us underestimate and overlook in our daily lives filled with various distractions.

Do You Know Where Your Inventory Is?

September 4th, 2012

Owning a business with inventory means you always need to be sure you are accurate with all of the counts.  In order to get or at least figure out your inventory, you need to start shopping for excellent inventory software.   Cloud inventory control is always recommended, because you want to be able to get all of your inventory into a system you can access it anywhere.

Putting Together Your Inventory

If you have several different components to deal with for your inventory, then you need to start going through everything.  Putting your inventory into sections is always a good idea.  You should make sure your inventory is working properly as well.  Selling parts that are not functioning or broken is never a good idea.  Having a few employees help with this task will make everything move faster, so you can start inputting the inventory into your new software.

Restructuring Your Business

Once you have your inventory system figured out, you can then start working on getting more business.  You might be very surprised to see how easy it is to get new business.  A strong advertising and marketing campaign is going to be ideal for your situation.  You also need to be sure all of your employees know how to operate your new cloud inventory control software.  In time you will see where you have areas that need improvement, but overall the new system is going to be great for you and your business.

Keeping track of your inventory is very important.  Your inventory is what makes you money, therefore you always should take the time to learn all of the functions, and keep all of your employees on track with the new software.  A successful business is a good thing for both you and your employees.

Disposable eCigarettes or Reusable Ones?

August 25th, 2012

If you’re switching over from regular cancer sticks to the electronic (battery operated) e-cigarette, you’ll have any number of choices to make.

Brands and Flavors

There are more brands of e-cigs on the market these days than you can throw an ashtray at. It never fails—someone comes up with a great idea, it takes off and everybody else attempts to jump on board. Can’t blame them really; it’s currently a runaway success. You may want to do a bit of research and possibly even sample a few test kits before deciding on which brand to go with. Then of course is the daunting task of deciding upon which flavor(s) to use. They (actually the cartridges) come in a multitude of flavors from fruity goodness to tough guy tobacco tastes. Personally I’m waiting for the fruity flavored e-cigar, which is reportedly in the making as we speak…or as you read.

To Charge Or Not To Charge…

…That is the question for most of you new e-cig newbies. Here’s the deal: rechargeable batteries last for about 300 charges if properly cared for and have multiple charging devices for your convenience (i.e. car, wall and USB chargers). The e cig battery is more eco friendly because you’re not constantly throwing out old used up batteries. That said however, there are now stations where you can take all your old batteries and they somehow do actually utilize them in a type of recycling process.

Best case scenario: you use the rechargeable battery, take all your rechargers with you and then take one or two little regular batteries with you just in case. Because you know how you put off charging that thing until the last minute and then when you’re really jonesing for a ‘smoke’ (or Vap-pronounced vape, long ‘a’ silent ‘e’) that little regular battery is going to be the best thing you ever saw.

Is A Private Sale Right For You?

July 26th, 2012

If you are buying a car and you are considering purchasing a car from a private party then you always need to be sure that you are doing the right thing. There are pros and cons to buying a car from a private party. The pros are the car will be paid for and you do not need to worry about any type of financing or paying any interest rates. The cons are that you may not have a great deal of money therefore you are purchasing a car that is not worth a great deal of money.

Selling A Car

When you are in a situation that you are selling a car then you always need to sell a private party if you plan on getting more money. Even though private party sales can mean more work, you will end up having more money in the long run. That can be a great situation for you if you still owe money on the vehicle and you make a few thousand dollars extra. You then will be able to go into a car dealership with a vehicle that is paid off and a few thousand dollars to put down on an automobile. That is always the ideal situation for purchasing a vehicle is getting your old loan paid off.

Buying A Car From A Private Party

In these harsh economic times many people have to buy a car from a private party because they are unable to get finance due to their poor credit. You need to make sure you do plenty of research on the car you are thinking about purchasing such as looking at all of the old maintenance records online. You will need to pay for the service but it is worth it in the end because you will know exactly what has been done to the vehicle.

Car shopping can be a hard thing to do even if you are doing a private party sale. The most important thing you can do is take your time and be patient. Cars are being posted online for sale each day.